HELP with formula to identify when a inventory asset type is used and returned

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Can anyone help me identify the best formula to use for helping to keep track of inventory items coming in and out? PLEASE HELP!


I have created the attached document that I am hoping to build in automation as much as possible based of the asset type name.


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer :)

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I'll be interested in what other Excel experts have to say. My sense, after looking at your example, is that you need a total re-design of the workbook, which would include some formulas, but not for the current design. I'm sorry to have to say that, but ... my guess is that you're trying to automate something that currently is tracked on paper, with manual entries made, numbers updated manually. And it would appear that (to take "Barricades" as an example, you're expecting to take row 5 out for quite some distance, subtracting when the items are booked out, adding when they're returned, continuing across horizontally. That's just not a good design for ongoing use.


You would be well advised to go searching for a previously created inventory-tracking template for starting. Look carefully, don't accept the first you come across; some templates are good, some are buggy. But almost any can give you some ideas for different designs.