Installed MySQL connector/NET 8.0.13 but still doesnt connect in Excel 2016

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I'm trying to connect to MySQL database using Data > New Query > From Database > From MySQL Database


However i am getting the error "This connector requires one or more additional components to be installed before it can be used"


I have already installed the MYSQL Connector/NET 8.0.13


But i continue to get the error box in Excel


I am using Excel 2016, 64 bit, with Professional Plus 2016


Any help would be appreciated 

thanks very much

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@Karlena Bucknor 


I have the same problem, do you have a solution by now?

@Karlena Bucknor 

I have the same problem and I resolved it by install an additional connector for dotNet: ADO.NET Driver for MySQL (Connector/NET). So I have installed 2 connectors to connect to MySQL DB for ODBC and ADO.




That fixed it for the same issue in Excel 2019. Thanks so much.