index match with multiple dates

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I have a workbook built for my company that uses index match to return the subject line of a employee communication. However if there are multiple communications the formula only returns the first entry. What can I use to return the subject line based on the most recent date? There is an additional column that contains the date that the communication was sent.


This is the data I am using:




7.72E+082214626Doe, JonQuality & ServiceDSAT - 3/8 - Discussion - Call not ava - 1/16/201911/16/2019 21:59
7.63E+082214626Doe, JonGeneralDSAT - Disscussion - Verbal - Skill112/25/2018 22:33


I want to return the Subject based on the most recent entry in Created.


I am currently using this formula to pull the data:



Help and thanks!!

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That could be

=IFERROR(INDEX(Table2[subject],AGGREGATE(14,6,1/(Table2[empid]=[@empid])*(  ROW(Table2[empid]) - ROW(Table2[[#Headers],[empid]])),1)),"")

or, if you are on Office365


Both are in attached file

Thanks but I couldn't get that to work. I updated the original post with more information if that helps.

If your source table is sorted on date your formula works


If not sorted, then