If formula error

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I'm trying to use the IF formula to display a different name, depending if a cell number is greater than another, but it just turns the cell borders dotted red.


Any ideias what the problem is?


Thank you.



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@Raiden74 I assume 2 things here. Try below 2 for the fix.


1) Make sure you have not ( ' ) this symbol before ( = ) equal to sign


2) On the top panel, go to FORMULAS and click on SHOW FORMULAS




By the way, is that Excel Online?



No, there isn't a ( ' ) before the ( = ).


Here is a screenshot of the Show Formulas and I was using excel online, I switched to the desktop app and now I'm getting this error.






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Ah, I tried with ( ; ) instead of ( , ) and it worked.

But it's weird, because in here, it has ( , ) and not ( ; )...