I am sure I am looking for IF command advice, but not 100% sure

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Hello all!


I am looking for assistance to find the right formula. Hoping someone can help out.

Thank you in advance!


IF Column E (in form 1) = Column D (in form 2), then Column K (in form 1) with the row it matched in Colum E (form 1) & Column D (form 2) - Column K (in form 2) with the row it matched in Column E (form 1) & D Column (form 2)


This would need to stack - IF Multiples in Form 2, then subtract all from Form 1.

I hope this makes sense...


Basically trying to subtract the Original Lot# Qty in receiving inspection from any lot#'s released that matches the Original lot# in receiving to see how much inventory is left.







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@Matt_QC You need to use the SUMIF function. The formula would look like this:


In the cell in Form 1 where it says FORMULA, and let's assume this is M11 and that the sheet that contains Form 2 is called "Form2".





Thank you very much. That worked flawlessly!