Getting this msg "Excel ran out of resources while attempting to calculate one or more formulas."

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I am having issue with excel sheet which keeps showing me this issue "Excel ran out of resources while attempting to calculate one or more formulas. As a result, these formulas can not be evaluated."


Never had seen this before- pls guide.

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In cell D36 you have formula =30:294001 which means you instruct Excel to return all rows from 30 to 294001. Includes row in which the formula is. Kind of cyclic reference and never ended loop.


If you remove this formula it works.

@Sergei Baklan - Amazing it worked well for me. Thanks a million.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year in advance!

@Sergei Baklan 


Any chance you could help me figure out whats wrong with my workbook?  I am getting the message as well.  I am a complete novice at excel but am trying to put together a workbook to calculate show estimates/costs for venue events.  I have been reading lots of answers on how to fix this error but cant figure it out.  Any help is appreciated!


I see no problems with your file, it works correctly (at least without mentioned error).

@Sergei Baklan 

I have a problem with my excel error.  The error message is "Excel ran out of resources while attempting to calculate one or more formulas...." I tried many tips and corrected formula errors but still has this error message when I save.  Hopefully you can detect the problem.  

Thanks very much, Sergei


I found two issuee

-  'WB7-STS Structure IPL Cal.'!J473 had reference as =-475:29776.432, I changed value on zero

-  'FWD Cargo Bay'!I35 had circular reference (==I35+I117+I342+I490), changed on =I117+I342+I490


Please check attached file if works in your environment.

@Sergei Baklan HI i have an excel spreadsheet that is showing a formula issue but i dont believe i have any formulas on there. Please can it be checked and either the formula removed or point me in the direction of where the error is. thanks. 


That's in 'Open Complaints'!M13


Not sure what you'd like to calculate here, just commented it. Please see attached.

@Sergei Baklan i have removed that figure - it was not needed! thanks very much for spotting that!

@Sergei Baklan    hi! I have the same issue. How do i find the cell containing the error?

Thank you 


First issue in 2021


Second one in 2019


I change both on 2021-12-13m have no ide what it shall be.

@Sergei Baklan 

I am getting an error as well.

Here is the formula:

=INDEX('VG OF FRISCO-F'!A1:AR263,MATCH('VG OF FRISCO-F'!5:5,'Facility Summary Data'!B6,0),MATCH('VG OF FRISCO-F'!A:A,'Facility Summary Data'!B5,0))



Perhaps you mean

=INDEX('VG OF FRISCO-F'!A1:AR263,MATCH('Facility Summary Data'!B6,'VG OF FRISCO-F'!5:5,0),MATCH('Facility Summary Data'!B5,'VG OF FRISCO-F'!A:A,0))

when it works. Not sure what you'd like to calculate.

Can you help me figure out what's wrong with my workbook. I'm also getting this error. I understand the logic of your proposed solution, I just can't identify where the error is in my workbook. @Sergei Baklan 


That is wrong formula

'=VLOOKUP('Klabin Hou'!1:1048576,11,0)

in hided sheet 'Combined Klabin'!N60

I commented it. 


Depends on what it shall to return, I don't know the logic behind.