Formulas don't work unless click fx, then approve it by clicking OK.

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I have two problems. 

1. My formulas do not work unless I select fx then select OK when the formula is shown in the "box"

 These formulas will not copy and work either.


2. I have one set of work sheets that display the error, and if I select Error checking under formulas, I get the messages that "The error check is complete for the entire sheet".



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1. Make sure that Calculation Options on the Formulas tab of the ribbon is set to Automatic.

2. As long as you have circular references, Excel will not recalculate many formulas.

Does the status bar provide a clue? Sometimes it displays the address of a cell that causes a circular reference. You can also try Error Checking > Circular References on the Formulas tab of the ribbon.

fI was able to fix the circular references, but your suggestion to set Calculations Options to Automatic immediately fixed the problem. Mine had gotten set to "Manual". I don't understand why that was the problem, but it is fixed now. Thanks so much!