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Formula to copy a rounded number

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My spreadsheet adds up time to get a total number of hours. I'm using ROUNDUP() to convert numbers like 7.5 to 8. When I try to to an additional calculation to multiply that rounded number by a rate, the calculation keeps using the original (7.5) number. 


I've tried using value() and text() with no success. Is there any other way of using the rounded number in my subsequent calculations?  





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You could store the formula as a named item and then reference that name in formulas where needed.



Another option would be using the LET function.



We cannot tell anything from a screenshot alone.  At the very least, you should also post your formulas.  Even better, attach the Excel file, not a screenshot.


Presumably, you simply multiplied by the wrong cell.  To demonstrate:




The correct reference is C6, where you rounded up, not C5.


Alternatively, you could write B7*ROUNDUP(C5,0).