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How can I keep sentences of text from running beyond a 8.5 by 11 inch print out paper?

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Perhaps turn on Wrap Text for the cell(s) with the text.

There are multiple options/scenarios but I am assuming that you have sentences written into cells without wordwrap turned on for the cell so that text overflows into and across many cells to the right. Instead, I suggest you turn on word wrap and make the cell the correct width for a piece of paper (note you can change settings in the page setup menu to scale to 1 page wide but if your cell is 20 inches wide then forcing it to 1 page wide will shrink the text down to very small letters so make sure you adjust it correctly) In some cases you might have to 'Merge' cells and turn on word wrap to get the right width for the 'text box' area while keeping multiple columns for other parts of the sheet (I hate having merged cells but this is a case where sometime it is needed)