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Hi, I have set up a table of data and in one column there are 2 different criteria. 

I have created a filter to show results between 2 dates and based on one or the other criteria in the column. What I am struggling to work out is how to select between 2 dates and have the output show both criteria in the table. I have attached a small extract of the data which hopefully will easily demonstrate the challenge. 

In cell N5 I have created the filter function to filter data between the 2 dates in cells Q3 & R3.

There is a drop box in cell O3 where you can choose either EE or SE. 

I want to be able to pick "Select All" in the drop list and have all the records show for both SE & EE 


I appreciate in advance any assistance.






Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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In N3:


=FILTER(FYFunded_Deals,IF($O$3="Select All",1,(FYFunded_Deals[CP ID]=$O$3))*(FYFunded_Deals[Settlement Date]>=$Q$3)*(FYFunded_Deals[Settlement Date]<=$R$3))

@HansVogelaar Thanks for your, worked a treat.


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