Access Releases 8 Issue Fixes in Version 2302 (Released February 28, 2023)
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Our newest round of Access bug fixes was released on February 28, 2023. In this blog post, we are highlighting some of the fixed issues that our Access engineers released in the current monthly channel.  


If you see a bug that impacts you, and if you are on the current monthly channel build 2302, you should have these fixes. Make sure you are on Access Build # 16.0.16130.20218 or greater. 


Bug Name 

Issue Fixed  

Error ‘Duplicate out alias __Agg255’ when running a complex report. 

In a report with many aggregate functions, Access could exceed the capacity of the space allocated to hold aggregate results and fail to properly generate the report. The error message given was not indicative of the problem. Access now allocates additional capacity for this purpose so this issue should no longer occur. 

Access shuts down unexpectedly when clicking on a subform control with no Source Object 

In some circumstances, a click on an empty subform object could be mishandled and lead to program termination. This will no longer occur. 

Reserved Error -1038 reported when trying to run a query with a TOP clause when ordering by a Date/Time Extended field. 

A TOP clause will now work properly in queries sorted by a Date/Time Extended field. 

Some rows show #Deleted in a linked SQL table with DateTime2 columns 

This would happen when support for DateTime2 fields was not enabled in the database, and the precision of the DateTime2 field was <=3. Access now correctly handles this case. 

Error message “One of your parameters is invalid, when expanding a sub-datasheet linked by a Large Number column. 

If a parent table in a 1-many relationship used a Large Number as its primary key, and a related table had a foreign key referencing the Large Number key, an error would appear when trying to view the data from the child table as a sub-datasheet in the parent table’s datasheet view. This works correctly now. 

Error message “Data type mismatch in criteria expression” when trying to filter on a Date/Time Extended column if the column is indexed. 

When a Date/Time Extended column had an index, creating a filter on that column, or a query that applied a restriction to the column would produce an error indicating that there was a data type mismatch. This is now managed correctly. 

Labels in the second column of form are not associated with the corresponding textbox 

When creating a form using the Create Form command for a table/query with many columns, the form produced has a layout with multiple columns. Each textbox created has a corresponding label, but the labels were correctly associated with the textbox (e.g., clicking on the label should put the focus in the textbox), in the first column of controls. Labels will now be correctly associated with all controls. 

For a VBA project with a digital signature, saving the project would remove the signature, even if the signing certificate is available. 

Now, if the original certificate used to sign an Access database/VBA project is present on a machine, then saving the VBA project will update the digital signature using the original certificate. 


Please continue to let us know if this is helpful and share any feedback you have.  

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