Fill with custom list.

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How can i use fill function with custom lists in excel?


I have a list of names that I need to defer to other text by creating a serial list,


Can anyone help me?



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HI @Silvia755 


Assume you have a list of names in column A



You can define the custom list by following the below steps:


File > Option > Advanced > General > Edit Custom List > NEW LIST > Link the range > Import > OK





Once you have defined the list, open a new excel workbook, just write any name from the list and simply drag it. The fill function will auto-generate the custom list.


Hope it will help.




@tauqeeracma Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, my question is more complex. If I write the name in an empty excel box the program creates a series, correctly.

However, if in a box I write text, like "financing" and then I write the first name of the list, and drag, the series is not created.


Il the list is:

Enterprise X

Enterprise XX

Enterprise XXX

Enterprise IV


I'd want to make automatically a column like this:


1financing Enterprise X
2financing Enterprise XX
3financing Enterprise XXX
4financing Enterprise IV


Can you tell me why or give me advice on how to make it?


Thanks a lot!


Hi @Silvia755 


The quick workaround for your requirement is to keep your Names in a separate column and use another column to write the additional text.
Finally, you may combine both columns using CONCATENATE() or TEXTJOIN() functions to get the desired result.




See the sample file.

Hope it will help.