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We have two team's channels, and we have an excel in one channel that is linked to another excel in a different channel when the values are updated it updated the calendar. With the new teams we are getting an error that says we couldn't get updated values from a linked workbook and then in the description it says file on another domain.


We took the files off teams and relinked them and reuploaded and are having the same problems does anyone know a fix for this?


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@KelsR740 I'm not familiar with this, but have you tried to look at that "Settings" tab the text in the dialog seems to refer to?



We had this issue with some users and seems to be related to a new Teams rollout. It just started a couple of days ago. Resetting the Teams app in settings seems to have fixed it at least for one of our users




@KelsR740 Update - app reset seems to work, however only temporarily for some. Have to keep resetting the app whenever it stops working. Certain that this is a bug due to new feature/app update hoping it gets fixed soon

@KelsR740we are having the same issue.. started a few days ago (April 14 2024). So far the only remedy is to open with excel online (browser) then all links update. Its driving me nuts since all 30+ offices are linked to other teams :( 

I've reported the problem to Microsoft.
I have the same problem but not with all my files. I have 10 pairs of workbooks connected from different channels, some of them works correctly, some not. I made a copy of a pair that work correctly, but then the files start to show the same error message.

All works great if I open the book in the browser/app.

@Rementeria same here.. not all have this issue. I cannot figure out why some would have this issue and others not 

@meirmunky @Rementeria: Next time you experience the issue, I advise to send feedback to Microsoft about this. In Excel in a browser you can click the "I have a problem" link in the bottom-right corner of the window.
@meirmunky @Rementeria I've been informed that the issue has been identified and will be resolved soon.
Microsoft has pushed an update to correct this issue. All is well again.

Im failing to link two excel files saved on one drive, im getting the file on another domain error, kindly assist @Neecer2300 

Same here, still having this issue, both files are on OneDrive in the same folder