Extracting data from a list without duplicate (repeating entry)

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Hi Community,


I need help with my template creation with regards to extracting data from another sheet with multiple criteria. I hope somebody could provide solution to my problem.


On the file attached, sheet2 contains the raw data and sheet1 serves as the summary.


My problem is on how to retrieve all the discipline, role, level, hourly rates without repetition due to different values in working hours, days, quantity.


Right now it retrieves all the entry as long as it is unique in terms of the whole row.


  Excel query 1.PNG

Here is the snap shot of the summary but I would like to retrieve instead.Excel query 2.PNG

Basically it should retrieve only one entry for discipline, role, level and rate and calculate the rest for the hours, days and fee.




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@MrNobody , you may do that by Power Query - remove names, group by columns which are not aggregated and sum the rest. Please see Sheet3 attached.

@Sergei Baklan 


Thanks for your reply


The problem is that users of the template are not familiar with Power Query or any advance stuff and could only do little editing i.e. filter, group, hide row/column, color format.


By the way, I thought of using codes to make it flexible but there is one problem I have


In the "Activity Fee" tab, how can I make it that, whatever the activity code I put, it will retrieve only the codes associated to that activity (with no duplicates) from the "Internal Calculation" tab.


Currently I found a formula that can retrieve only unique values but it is for the whole column, I wanted to add a criteria to it which is the activity code value above.





In general what end user shall know about Power Query is how to use Refresh button. I guess they are not familiar with template formulas as well.


Anyway, to select unique items with additional filter could be like

=IFERROR(INDEX('Internal Calculation'!A$2:A$300,MATCH(1, INDEX(('Internal Calculation'!B$2:B$300=$C$2)*(COUNTIF(A$10:A10,'Internal Calculation'!A$2:A$300)=0),0),0)),"")

Please note, that's not an array formula. It's in Activity fee (2) sheet attached.

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@Anekapb , if that's a new topic please go to and start new conversation.


If that's the same topic you already make a post here.

@Sergei Baklan


Thank you very much


It finally works !! 

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