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I want write inversely the words in the same cell. For example; ( Washington-Paris-Ankara-Madrid) inversely>>(Madrid-Ankara-Paris-Washington)
Thank you
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Okay, one more way to reverse the sequence of words in the string is to use VBA, especially taking into account the reverse is to be done in the same cell.


Lot of samples

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Oliver's solution is great where one-off transformations are required, which may apply to many situations. If you wish to automate the process, so it can be resused in th

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A quick and dirty solution could be: use "text to columns" and as a delimiter [Others: "-"]. the formula CONCATENATE() helps you to rearrange the data. Maybe that helps. ... Read More

Hello everyone,

My quotation marks doesn't work as text input in my excel. Tried to find this error, but so far without success. Bellow follows an image example of my problem.

Thanks for the support,


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Hello Felipe,


just some more background:


When you combine things in a formula you need to do that with an operator. You can't just put the things next to each other.



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Hello Felipe


=H14&"Kilos "


I am struggling to open a One Drive file in Excel (Professional Plus 2013)  on my PC. I get a message saying:


"We can't connect to https:... . Please make sure you are using the correct web address."


I can access the document online through a browser us

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For the latest two builds 1702.7870.2013 & 2020 i have disabled What's New button in the File->Account block.


It works with other O365 applications. Registry keys for the Excel in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Common\WhatsNew are similar to

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Mean while In File > Account > you can click update now drop down and you will find view updates

Hi Sergei,


the button is disabled in my version (7870.2020) too and also in other apps such as Word and PowerPoint. I guess - really guess - because of no new features in

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Wanting to see if any other users have noticed, have thoughts around this issue:


When editing text in a cell on Excel for Windows:

- Ctrl+A does nothing (expected: should select all of the text in the cell)

- Ctrl+backspace does nothing (expected: shoul

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Ready Mode ( Working with Range ) -  if you want to select all the cells of the worksheet , then Press Ctrl + A twice or simple press Ctrl + Shift + Space twice

Ctrl + A

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Hit crl-home, hold shift, hit ctrl-end. Just a few more keystrokes and easy enough. I use Ctrl to deal with line breaks in the edited text.

Hi all,


By Excel text orientation is General Bottom. That is when tet is wrapped it goes to the left and bottom of the cell.

I prefer mine to be General Top. How can I make this the default so that I do not have to do it every time?

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Find Book.xlt in one of these folders

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICEx\XLSTART

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Before doing any entering of value in the cells, first of all, select all cells, go to Format Cells -
Alignment -
Horizontal -Select Left
Vertical - Select Top.
Do OK.

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Why the maximum limit of Excel worksheet size is:

1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns


I noticed that that the result of this calculation is the same number of the maximum rows:


1024 * 1024 = 1048576


Is this related?

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Hello Haytham


The numbers can all be calculated with base 2.


Before Excel 2007 Excel used 65536 rows and 256 columns.

Since Excel 2007 that has changed to 1048576 rows and

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Excel 2016 includes a powerful set of features based on the Power Query technology, which provides fast, easy data gathering and shaping capabilities and can be accessed through the Get & Transform section on the Data ribbon.


Today, The Excel Team is pl

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Hi Maddie

Just wondering if you know, or can find out when this bug with Get and Transform, which was introduced in FRDC 1701 (so I assume with this feature update) is goi

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I'm trying to compare various elapsed times in a spreadsheet. Excel keeps interpreting this as a date.

For example, I have a time of 43 minutes and 0 seconds. If I set the cell number format to Time, "43:00" gets displayed as "1/1/1900  7:00:00 PM".


I trie

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Hello Cliff


Everything is correct.


43:00 is shown in the cell.

1/1/1900  7:00:00 PM is shown in the formula bar. The date is shown when the time is 24 hours or greater.


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I have learned to use conditional formatting for one particualr item and use a color for it. Here is my issue. I deal with many emails and contantly have to check the list of emails employee list on their profile. I have learned to spot the errors quickly

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a way would be to add a helper column and check if the domain name matches a predefined list, you can also extend. Example:


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When I publish to Excel online my =now() formula displays a time 13 hours behind local Perth Time (Australia) 


Question1:  Any way to force the display in Local Perth time?


Question2:  When I open the file in Excel online Dates display as mm/dd/yy  (US Fo

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Hi Wyn, Hi Sergei,


as I am curious about an answer for Wyn's questions too, I checked it on my accounts.


On my E3 Office365 account, I have in my profile the settings Lan

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Hi Wyn,


I guess you have to change your locale and regional settings for your OneDrive in O365 (OneDrive -> gear on top right -> Site settings). I guess you have corporat

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We're currently experiancing problems with the Excel templetes, particularly the "Email Insights" template. On my computer I'm able to log in but no data is shown. On other computers, people aren't able to log in. 

Can somebody help me out with this?


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Hi Jimmy,


Never heard about this template, tried it right now and it works. Something to clarify

1) Do you use Exchange Online (Office365 mail) or on-premises one

2) Did yo

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Hi there,


We have ben doing basic pivot tables for a while now, but about a month ago, they changed on us.  We now get a thried row that has the word TOTAL at the end of the item descrption.  I have tried and tried to figure out how this row just appeared

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Hi Stacey,


Right click on Totals row cell within Pivot Table and in appeared menu uncheck Subtotal <filed name>

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Someone sent me a file with an Excel page that was 6 pages instead of one. One page is broken up into 6 pages. How do I fix it so it's all one page again? The other worksheets in the documents were normal but this one page was formatted weirdly. Can a

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Hi Cody,


It depends on how your extra pages were generated. If you have Pivot Table on main page someone could double click on it generating extra sheet(s) with filtered

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When many files opened, I have to click   and wait for each  file being completed. This takes  a lot of time. Can it be  clicked only once and all opened files can be saved?

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There's no direct way, other than right clicking on your Excel icon on your taskbar, choosing close all windows and then click save each time.

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