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Some worksheets have lots of cells showing "#N/A"  or "#REF!". You do not need to know if the mathematics are correct. The spreadsheet was originally developed in Russian and online translated into English. Also 3 worksheets have since been deleted. Could

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Correct sheet is attached herewith

I opened that file.


All Sheet names are in English.


But in the Sheet 'expenses RFID', from Cell J106 to J115, J130 to J133,


I added ",0" to VLOOKUP formula.




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Some worksheets have lots of cells showing "#N/A"  or "#REF!". You do not need to know if the mathematics are correct. The spreadsheet was originally developed in Russian and online translated into English. Also 3 worksheets have since been deleted. Could

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We are trying to organize a project with ten sheets on one file and fourteen on another and Excel won't let me do something as simple as copying and pasting columns from one file to another. Maybe they shouldn't let me add more sheets if the software is i

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Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I don't think it should make much of a difference, but have you tried using power pivot? Power Pivot allows you to use more rows ... Read More

I need help to set up macros in excel spreadsheet that can print tax receipt.  I have one tab contains data and one tab is the tax receipt template.  How can I set up macros to choose a range of records to print individual tax receipt? 

Thank you.

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Hi Mimi:


Your question is too broad in its current form.  What I suggest you do is to record a Macro to print just one tax receipt.  Post the code that gets recorded here

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Some of our users have reported that they are no longer able to create Excel Surveys from within Excel Online. I've spot verified that the option does appear to be missing. I'm searching to see if this has been deprecated. Attached represents what we use

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I've read all the article websites about this and followed every troubleshooting steps to be done but it never appeared again on my tenant. Any other suggestions or fix a

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Are you saying you don't see the Survey button at all? 

In the screenshot you are showing the button. The reason it doesn't have New Survey option is because you already

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Same issue reported in our tenant





2 questions:

1. Excel 2016 has XDR or X_D_R in number styles. What is it about?

2. I have been using excel on different computers and each has its own default comma style. I know how to make a new default with a template. However, I can't understand wh

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Hi, thanks for reply

Why is then it in default comma style? Which setting could be altering i? I remember after installation comma style was not with XDR.


BTW I have reins

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Hello Alexander


XDR would be your local currency format.




here you can find a tutorial on How to make a speedometer chart in Excel.




Excel workbook can be download from the link in the description section of the video.


Video is in italian, but I hope you can foll

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Hi, you can find free gauge templates and dashboards at https://exceldashboardschool.com/gauge-chart-tutorial/


Have a nice day,



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Hello everyone,


I have a value in cell e.g. G2, and I have a certain cells in column in A where I need to have value of G2 copied! I know its a simple question but I can't find formula. The thing is that I need to update value in G2 so each time it automa

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Hi, after reading your request I understood that, you want a value in A2 cell which is same as G2 cell. If it is right then, in A2 cell use =G2. But fact is you wish to u

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I would like to show some images in my Excel spreadsheet only when certain conditions are valid.

For example: Only show the image when A1>10 or B4<5.

How should I do this?


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Thanx for your replies, it helps me a lot! The replies of Sergei Baklan and Faysal Al Farooqui are very similar, but the combination of both replies made me understand it... Read More

1. In C1 cell use =IF(AND(A1>10,B1<5),CHOOSE(RANDBETWEEN(1,3),"mb_1","mb_2","mb_3"),"x") this formula to generate "mb_1", "mb_2" and "mb_3" three images name based on you

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What kind of images? Have you looked at Conditional formatting?



I would like to have each row individually highlight to red Individually based on being over 30 days past due but I need to apply the conditional formating to 200 rows. Is there way to do this without having to enter each row into the conditional form

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Hi Heather,


assuming your days are in the cells A2:A201, you can do the following:

1. Select A2

2. Go to Home-->Conditional Formatting-->New Rule-->Use formula to determine

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I'm running both Office 2016 Windows (via parallels) and Office 2016 Mac, side-by-side on my MBP. I would prefer to use only one version, but I have third-party Windows software that relies on Excel COM Add-Ins for functionality. Under my current setup, I

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I am very new to this but is there a wy to count cells with a left border?

Many thanks for any help


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Hi Bill,


If you have a conditional formatting rule to generate cell borders based on a certain condition, you can use this condition in a COUNTIFS formula.


If you wish to

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I am using a macro to copy and paste scores, it works fine until i get to a certain row, then if i try on that row it freezes the program and become non responsive. 

I went to trouble shoot  and saw a post about disabling live preview, so I disabled live p

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Hi @Steve Carney,


Just send that excel file.


and Clarify.


1. Is that happening to that excel file / excel sheet only? or all excel workbooks?

2. Did you tried in any other

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good morning to all 

i would like to know if exist the possibility to change only in Excel the Theme (Black) instead of all the programs in Office 365 suite.


Best Regard from Italy 




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ok Thank you for your replay Regards

For my knowledge - nope

Hello, I need a formula to calculate how much it would cost all up to make a menu item eg, chicken sandwich by looking up each code and multiplying the quantity with its associated unit cost. I have attached the excel spreadsheet which has two sheets MENU

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Hi to all!


Without helper cells, you can use this formulae (in C2 and drag it down):




See attached.  Blessings!


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Absolutely, it does. I'm stoked! Thanks again. Regards, Louisa
you can also do this:
=SUM(IF(D5>0,(VLOOKUP(D5,ITEMS!$C$2:$E$48,3,FALSE)*E5),0),IF(F5>0,(VLOOKUP(F5,ITEMS!$C$2:$E$48,3,FALSE)*G5),0),IF(H5>0,(VLOOKUP(H5,ITEMS!$C$2:$E$48,3... Read More

Dear Lousa Dira,

I need to make some ammendments in the previous array formula.

In the mean time, you may use the attached Excel file which contains 2 independent methods o

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Dear Lousa Dira,

Enter the following Array formula in cell C2 and drag it down.

Array formulas are to be Entered using Control+Shift+Enter instead of Enter.



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