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How do I enter data so it uses the entire row?  

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How do I enter data so it uses the entire row? 


Well, I suppose I could say "Just keep typing."


But I'm not at all wanting to give that flip response. What I definitely want to do is ask you "Why are you asking the question in the first place?" The entire row is a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG row. It has in it many cells. Are you wanting to fill each cell? Why? Is it something else that you have in mind? What and Why again.


Why Excel? What are you proposing to do in Excel and what part would "filling the entire row" play in accomplishing that objective?


These are serious questions. Your request is most unusual, most uncharacteristic of most applications of Excel to handling data. Maybe you have a viable answer. I think I speak for the others who typically answer questions here in the forum in saying "Please help us understand the bigger picture, what you're hoping to do, why this request."



let me rephrase the question.  I only have a few rows and columns, not much data.  I am trying to get all of the columns to use the entire width of the page.  As of now it only uses 1/3 of the width of the page.  I want to expand it so it goes to the edge and looks better.  Can you help me?





So it's a page of paper that you're trying to fill; THAT is quite different from what your first request appeared to be asking.


With what are the cells filled? Text? Numbers? Some of each? Anyway, a couple of ways to "fill the page"


1. You can just enlarge the printout (using File ... Page Setup)


2. Or you could simply enlarge the width of each cell by resting your cursor at the top row (where the letters appear) over the line separating any column from its neighbor, and then when the dual arrows appear dragging the column to make it wider. Or, maybe easier, go to Format....Column....Width and change the number until it's at the desired width.



I have a little bit of text and some numbers. Is there a feature that will automatically get the columns expanded to fit the entire width? I have 1" margins on both sides.
Did you pay any attention to the things I sent? "Automatically" isn't available. But if you're willing to do something to make it happen, actually take a few moments to learn how Excel works, I think #2 in my prior post gets as close to "automatic" as you're going to get. But you'll have to do more than snap your fingers.



got it!  Thanks for your time and assistance.