Excel Vlookup + Sum multiple values in a column

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I have a worksheet where weekly scores are recorded in column D. Identifying number is in Column A. On a separate worksheet, I need to look up the identifier and then return the sum of 4 scores. I have tried =SUM(VLOOKUP(A3, 'DNAv ORS scores'!D:D, {2,3,4,5}, FALSE)) but returning #N/A error.

Can anyone help or provide a suggestion please?


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Try the SUMIFS function:


=SUMIFS('DNAv ORS scores'!D:D, 'DNAv ORS scores'!D:D, ">=2", 'DNAv ORS scores'!D:D, "<=5", 'DNAv ORS scores'!A:A, A3)

@HansVogelaar Thank you. This looks like it has solved my problem.