Restricting Find/Replace to single column

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Hi, I wish to run Find/Replace on a single column of a woeksheet. At the moment, Find/Repace replaces every occurance of the word I wish to replace on the entire workbook. I want it to only affect a single column.

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Select this column, Ctrl+H and Replace All.

@Sergei Baklan It doesn't work Sergi, it still replaces the same "find" in all the cells in the workbook.



Are you sure that you are selecting the whole column?


If you want to replace values in a specific column, you need to select the whole column and to select the whole column, click on the column header (i.e. click on column letter)


Or if you want to replace values in a selected range, select all the cells where you want to replace a value and then invoke the replace window by pressing Ctrl+H.


But if only one cell is selected on the sheet, Replace All will replace all the values from all the cells on the sheet.






if you want to select the whole column click on the header and press ctrl+SpaceBar then click on ctrl+H to replace the elemnts you need .


I realise that you will have solved your problem by now but, as I was looking for an answer, I post this in case anyone finds it useful.

I had this problem but knew that it ought to work as the respondents said - it does but only if you have the search looking By Columns, not By Rows.

Select the column(s), control+H to find and replace, as it pops up, go to options, select sheets not workbook, also select columns from rows...
It will work

@IyanuAI I have the same problem, definitely selecting the whole column, when you click 'Find All' it shows all the instances in that column, which looks right, then when you click 'Replace All' it replaces all instances in the entire sheet. Have done everything mentioned above re the options too... 

Ok just found a way in another forum - you can fill the selected column to a particular colour, then in the find and replace function use the Format boxes next to Find and Replace entries and click on Fill, then select the colour you used. Phew!
You should select the column first, and then in the find and replace window you have a section called within, tou should set it to Selection.

@chaima340 Thank you :-).  I really should have been able to see that.