Excel text box overlay- what is it, how to remove?

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I have this box that has somehow been inserted into my table.  There are underlying cells and I can actually scroll right under this box and also access the cell underneath it.  And I can type about 140 characters into this box.  Deleting surrounding rows or columns does not affect the box, so it doesn't appear to be correlated to a specific cell.  There is no context sensitive help when in the box and almost all normal excel functions are greyed out when I'm in it. 

 Any help is appreciated.


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It looks like it could be a simple "Text Box" and if that's the case, you should be able to click on its frame and then hit your delete key. If that's not it, could you post the sheet itself (assuming nothing confidential is in it)

Hello @prkammann,


If you do not have the Developer tab follow here:



In the Developer tab > select Design Mode > Right-Click Text box > Cut

I had another pro figure it out, it is a text box inserted in Design function in the developer tab.  @prkammann 

This was it!  Thank you very much. @PReagan 



You're welcome!