Excel Styles Pane - How to dock or keep open



In Excel 365 is there a way to dock or keep open the cell styles pane like what used to be possible in prior versions of Excel?  I have to believe there is some way to do this.  Thanks!

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If you don't mind a bit of VBA code, this code adds the styles drop-down to your add-ins tab:


Sub AddStylesBoxToAddInsTab()
    Dim oCb As CommandBar
    Dim cControl As CommandBarControl
    On Error Resume Next
    Set oCb = Application.CommandBars("Temp")
    Set oCb = Application.CommandBars.Add("Temp", , True, True)
    Set cControl = oCb.Controls.Add(ID:=1732)
    oCb.Visible = True
End Sub


The code needs to be run each time Excel starts.