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Excel spreadsheet

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I have lost the first 200 lines of my spreadsheet and can't recover it. Is it recoverable?



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Hello @Helsy49Mildura When you say "lost" what does that mean? The data in rows 1 to 200 are not visible in the worksheet? Check if they are any filtering going on. If the Row numbers are blue filtering is active. Un-filter and you will get your data back. Also check the font color, check the number formatting, check if the formula is not returning a space or a empty string, is there a pane frozen at row 201... among the things you need to check. The cells in rows 1 to 200 are empty in the worksheet? Do you have a recent backup? You should always save your workbook and make a backup of it in two or three places. Yes give us a better description of what "lost" means. Also if you can take a snipit of the cells that you know are "lost" and have the cell selector in one of the cells you want us to see. Hope this helps Georgie



I addition to the possible filtering that @GeorgieAnne has suggested, another possibility that occurs to me would be the accidental "hiding" of those 200 rows. If you had those rows highlighted and accidentally "right clicked" and selected "Hide" (see dialog box here)...


But as suggested, it depends on what you mean by "lost"--the clue to accidental hiding of the first 200 rows would be that the first row would be row 201