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Good Afternoon,


I am trying to hide my formula if a certain cell is blank. Currently my formula is doing what I want but auto populates “0-Jan-00” when I drag the formula down the column. The formula is =IF(OR(N6=“Undeliverable”, N6=“No Response”), M6+45, N6). This formula is placed within cell Q6.  My end goal is if cell N6 is blank, then I want Q6 to be blank. If there is a value of “Undeliverable”, “No Response”, or a date in N6 then I want Q6 to run the above formula.


The above formula currently works when I place one of the three data values in column N, but I don’t want it to present a value if column N is blank.


Thank you in advance for any and all help!

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@Patrick_Carr1650 You can't have the formula present or not based on a condition, but you can use another IF to display an empty string if N6 is blank/empty. If N6 is not empty it will perform the calculation or your original formula.

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=IF(ISBLANK(N6),"",IF(OR(N6="Undeliverable", N6="No Response"), M6+45, N6))