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How do i get into this table or whatever it is, to be able to edit the names? It's kind of like behind the scenes in the workbook.  I'm not very knowledgeable in excel so any help would be appreciated.  Once I click on a name it inputs into the cell and puts it in a color but I need to change that color as well. Thanks!




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Select a cell with a drop-down menu.

On the Data tab of the ribbon, in the Data Tools group, click Data Validation.

You should see something like this:


The Source box specifies the range that provides the names.

Remark: that range can be on another worksheet, even a hidden one.


The color is probably conditional formatting.

With the cell still selected, click Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules... in the Styles group of the Home tab of the ribbon.

Select a rule and click Edit... to see the definition of the rule.

Click Format... to inspect and if necessary modify the formatting. The background color can be found in the Fill tab.