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I guess so, at least i have no idea what could be wrong. I'm on the same build, also E3 and have Maps in Ribbon




On a slow insider can you use maps charts free??? Without Subscription?

Mark, i have valid O365 E3 license, just my channel is Slow Ring

O365 support had me try the steps in this thread which is basically what I had done, but not on a clean build. For additional support they pointed me to this which basically says to look at forums like this, or pay MS for additional application support. When I get time I will do a clean build and install and see if that corrects my issue. If it does, I will report back here for others.

1) Try to check Customize Ribbon as in this conversation above if you see and may add the Maps. I'm suspicious what clean installation helps, but who knows. And you may try to install Office from your subscription on any other PC to see if Maps appears or not. That's not time consuming.


2) It's strange with support. You ask how to install the functionality which you have to have with your license (that shall be free), not how to use it (yes, that costs money).

I am making progress and have determined it must be something buried in our customization.  I made time to pull out a brand new machine with factory image and did a direct install from and the option is there.  Once I track down the issue I will post back incase anyone else runs into the same problem.

Hi Joshua, 


Any update by chance?  I am having the same issue using my O365 ProPlus subscription, Deffered Channel, Version 1609 (Build 7369.2127).  I don't see Maps under Charts in the Ribbon, or in the Customize Ribbon settings option.



Not much.  After I did the install via the portal download and it worked.  I uninstalled and installed our custom build and the problem was there.  However, I had failed to notice when I did the first install that the factory image had a stub install for Office 365.  When I uninstalled, I uninstalled the stub as well as our custom build and then reinstalled from the portal download and the problem was still present.  I have not had time since then to do any more troubleshooting.

I solved it by following this link:

it changes your Office365 subscription to current channel. 

This worked!! Thank you so much!

Thanks.  I am not sure that fixes it as much as I think Microsoft has fixed the Click to run install package.  My reasoning is this:  I used the config file to download the current channel in the past(setup.exe /download download.xml with the channel set to current) and updated my system and it did not work.  After running the script and having my system update(and the issue being fixed) I downloaded again using the config file and applied the update to 2 other systems and it fixed the issue for them(No need to run the script)


Either way, it is working for my users now :)

Agree! I also had the same issue and needed to change from deferred Channel to current channel
In this link:

The map chart shows on my excel ribbon. however when I select the data and click insert and choose maps it does not give me any maps rather it shows bar charts and pie charts. Kindly advise I need the maps for a work presentation.

looking forward to feedback

@SergeiBaklan wrote:

By default Maps are not in More Charts, they are on upper level in Insert menu. If you don't see them just add in Customize Ribbon into the place you prefer.








Just to be sure - you click on Globe icon with Maps title?

Yes it doesEXCEL 2016 MAPS.PNG

hello could you help with a step by step way of doing this. Moreover, if i open an excel file from a friend who use map charts it says im not able to view this with my version of excel. I have attached the error message. Kindly advise.error message.PNG

Thanks, my colleagues, I have been absent from this conversation for a long time. It seems that the only explanation of this problem is that the maps only work in office 365 what I do not have clear is that if you have excel of pc you can connect your account of office 365 and thus automatically clear the option of maps

its working now. I converted my excel from deferred channel to current channel

Hi , I have version 1701 (7766.2096) Will I get Map Chart (not 3D Maps) in this version ?

Hi Jeffry,


I guess so, but only if you are an Office 365 subscriber. Map Chart was introduced for subscribers with the build 7571.2072