Can Excel map charts show capital cities of provinces?

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I'm trying to create a map chart of Poland, with various data at a provincial level.  However, it would be much easier to digest this data if it also showed the capitals of the various provinces.  Ideally, the map chart would only show cities I select, along with the data at the provincial level.  I haven't figured out how to do that, is it possible?


For example, the map would show various number values for each province, and then Warsaw, Lodz, and Gdansk with just markers for these cities.  The intent it to orient the consumer of the graph with the general geography of the country, as well as giving them some data at the provincial level.  How can I do that?

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I tried to play with that. Not sure everything could work, but something.


First point, Map Charts is quite sensitive to column names. For such ones


it shows nothing. It's enough to rename Region to Province and


Now rename City on County:


Something like this. IMHO, Map Charts is not the best tool for such games. Perhaps Excel Power Map or Power BI will work better.


Thanks!  I think you're right, I think another program would be a better option for this specific use.  Thanks again for your help.




@Sergei Baklan Hey dude, when I create map chart from the same data from you, the chart legend is different from yours. May I know how you change the legend into different colour instead of same colour?


Right click on map, -> Select data from the menu


Here Edit series (population in this case), and here color by category names



Thanks for the help!