Excel deleted tabs & data after saving file

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I have an Excel worksheet that has 3 tabs. After saving my work, when I go back into the file now I only have 1 tab and missing data. The data from tab #3 is now on tab #1. And much of the information that should be on tab #1 is missing. Tab 2 & 3 are completely gone. I am positive I saved my work because this happened before so now I am being very careful. There are no older versions of the file to recover. 

Thank you for any suggestions you may have. 

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I@jlokatys I have the exact same issue - did you find any solution?

@postcarter Did you perhaps save the file as a CSV? If so, only the active sheet is saved and all formulas and formats are removed. Only values are saved.

Thanks so much - I guess that is possible, though I don't remember doing it and it seems a **bleep** stupid thing to have happen without a warming. No way to recover them I guess?
Come to think of it, I am sure it was a CSV file to which I added the tabs - though I then saved as under a different name, I think it had the tabs when I saved and closed it the last time. Damned irritating either way. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I'll go start re-doing my tax return spreadsheet...