I can't get the formula SOMMEN.ALS right.

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Sorry for my grammar. My English isn't that good, but I hope good enough to explain my problem.

I'm trying to use the formula SOMMEN.ALS, but I keep on getting 0,00 as a result instead of 2.400,00.


I added a screenshot where my formula is shown.


When kolom I has "jan" in it and kolom E has "BJ Autoservice" in it in the same line, then the numbers in kolom F should be added up and show up in N5 where I typt the formula. Line 4 meets to this given conditions and has 2.400,00 in kolom F, but no matter what I try, the outcome remains 0,00 and I can't seem to figger out what I'm doing wrong. 


Schermafbeelding 2024-01-02 122750.png

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@Marjolein_van_Gaal It should work. The formula looks OK. Perhaps "BJ Autoservice" and/or "jan" are not exactly the same in both places. For instance, if you have "BJ Autoservice " or "jan " (note the extra space) in one but not the other, then the result will be zero.

Thank you for thinking along with me. The text is exactly the same with the extra space and all, but I think I finally figured it out after a couple of days :D

The "jan" in kolom I is the month January and is linked to the date in kolom D. In N3 I typed the date, wich changes into "jan". That's the differents, so I made the link from kolom I elswhere in the spreadsheet and used that cel in stead of N3. I finally get the outcome I wanted.