Excel convert numbers to text with a formula

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Hello I am new to this forum, I need to make a list in which I can write for example 1=Olives 2=Bread, I want just to write the number and Excel will type an item instead, is that possible ? thanks 


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Maybe like in this example. You can enter a number (which occurs in column H) in column B and the formula returns the corresponding text in column C.

number to text.JPG 

Hi @Quadruple_Pawn, thant is exactly what I need so what should the formula says? for example can you make me an example of number 1 corresponding text olives


You can replace "item1" (cell I4 in the example) by "olives". If you then enter 1 in column B the formula returns "olives" in column C. All texts in column I can be changed as required.

Yeahhh @Quadruple_Pawn thank you very much it worked perfectly great solution, thanks a lot
enter number return number
1 olives
2 green and black olives


INDEX used by itself would suffice. 

= INDEX(produce, option)

With 365, one could always dress the formula up to read

= productλ(option);


Whichever route you take, be very careful not to modify the lookup table, since that would invalidate all your existing records.