Dynamic Array Integration with Charts

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Hello, any help on this much appreciated. I have O365, on MEC 2303 Build 16227.20318 so should have Dynamic Array Integration with Charts but it's not a thing. Is there a reason that would be so?


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I am on insider beta but have no particular new integration that I can see,  By setting the sheet local variables x and y to reference dynamic ranges, the chart becomes dynamic but that is nothing especially new that I am aware of.


Yup, on my personal install I am on Beta too and it all works tickety boo and has done for some time; 2209 onwards. Its my work install MEC 2303 that's not working as expected ie not at all. According to the guff from MS it should be in MEC versions post 2210.
I was wondering more along the lines of has anyone else found this to be a problem and was there a solution.