Excel Chart Not Refreshing Using VBA Form After Oct 27 2022 Update

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I have an Excel VBA program which uses a VBA form to update data on a chart.

Prior to the Oct 27 2022 release the chart was updated as the form data was changed.

With the Oct 27 2022 (16.0.15726.20174) the chart does not update. The chart only updates after the form is closed and the mouse is clicked on the chart.

Support helped me roll back to Oct 11 (16.0.15629.20208) and my program now works again.

The problem still exists in the latest release Nov 08 (16.0.15726.20202).

I note that the Oct 27 2022 release has a modification for Excel and "Dynamic Array Integration with Charts" - this looks awfully close to my problem area and should be reviewed in relation to my fault symptoms.

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