Drop down list width is same width as column

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In the MAC version of MS Excel, when using a drop down list, it will automatically adjust the width of the drop down list, but KEEP the width of the column (see below Figure A). On the PC version of Excel, the drop down list is limited to the width of the column (see below Figure B). Is there a fix or setting for this ? In this example, when you select a value from the drop down list, it will display the % value ie: if you select "20% Explained to me bu no experience using it" it will display 20% and not the entire wording. The person who created this is using a MAC and works great, however when I open it on a PC I get the image in Figure B


Figure A



Figure B




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Excel for Windows doesn't currently support this. You can submit a request from within Excel: select File > Feedback> Send a Suggestion.