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Hi.  I discovered a short cut to remove blank rows in a sheet by using CTRL G (goto), special, blanks and then CTRL minus.   Unfortunately although it selects the blanks, the CTRL minus deletes more than the blank rows, and most of the sheet information.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Does "Stop doing it!" qualify as a helpful suggestion?

A short cut that cuts more than you want cut doesn't sound like a short cut to use.

You could also try designing spreadsheets that don't have blank rows that need to be deleted.


Not particularly helpful, no.  


I often work with extracted data and/or sort sheets and there are times where I would like to make use of the function..


On the YouTube video it worked particularly well.  Just frustrated that I can't replicate it. 






Ctrl- actually performs one of these actions


Depends on how ranges are selected above could not be shown and the default action is performed. If entire row is selected, when row is deleted. If parts of rows are selected, when depends on which data is around and what is selected it could remove selected cells and shift the rest left or up.

If Excel has no idea what to do it shows above window with options.

You may try to do the same from the ribbon Insert or delete rows and columns - Microsoft Support