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Data Validation - Difference between Excel 16.0 and OneDrive

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we have a complicated excel spreadsheet at work, that i'm working on. It has ~1000 data validations, which work fine in Excel 16.0 (Windows 10). After upload the file to OneDrive there are 2 main problems, we came across.


Question 1
For the valdiation info text, all new lines will get ingored after uploaded to OneDrive.
Is there a way to preserve the formation (new lines) from Excel 16.0 to OneDrive?




Question 2
After enter wrong values for the data validation field, the error message in OneDrive shows the formula and ignores the formation (new lines), of the custom error message as well.
Is there a way to preserve the formation (new lines) from Excel 16.0 to OneDrive and hide the formula in the error message window (of the data validation) in OneDrive?




Excel example file - data validation problem 

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I don't think you can change any of this. Apparently Excel online replaces line breaks with space characters and I found no way to prevent it.
Did you find a way to hide the formula from the data validation error message? This only seems to appear in the online version and not desktop version. I couldn't figure out how to hide it.