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I have a calendar for January. As some appointments are fixed I would like to copy it for February,etc. Not sure how to change the calendar but keep the fixed appointments. Appreciate any help.

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You have not provided much information.  If the calendar is a different product, and you want to generate data to import into that product, give us details.  Below, I assume that the calendar is built in Excel.

How are calendar entries stored?*  Is the date information stored in a separate cell than your text?  (If it's stored within the text, that may be too difficult to consider.)  Is it stored in the same row, the same column, or other?  See Sheet1 in the attached workbook for samples of what I mean.

* The primary display of the entries might be different than the place where you make entries.


Do the fixed appointments occur on the same day-of-the-month in February?  Or do they occur on each occurrence of the same weekday (e.g., every Tuesday), or on particular occurrences of a weekday (e.g., the second Tuesday of the month)?  Or is there some other pattern, such as every 3 weeks?

Does your calendar have separate worksheets for each month (or even each day)?  Or does it display entries from some list/range onto a single month-at-a-time worksheet?

It might be useful if you post a screen shot of the worksheet where you create entries.  Black-out or blur or replace actual names and events.

And what version of Excel are you using?  Is an Excel table used to store the entries, or just ranges of cells?  If an Excel table, what is its name, and what are the column names?