Counting days in excel

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This isn't as simple as it sounds. 


I want to count the number of days in a column on each day.  


So we have this column with dates when we have contracts signed. I'm trying to find when our busiest time of the month is (ie when most contracts are signed.) - then put it into a graph. 


Looking through the column looking of 1st of the month every year and counting, then looking through for the 2nd of the month and adding to a count, then the 3rd etc. 


Then in the same, counting how many in each month. Is this possible? 

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Is this similar to what you are looking for? The days in column B are from 1st of January to 31st of May in the example (range B3:B153). For the count of months the formula can be adapted accordingly.

contracts signed per day.JPG