Countifs trouble

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I have to keep track of request sent in daily by different people

i got =COUNTIFS(Table1[Completion time],Sheet1!$B$1,Table1[Name],Sheet1!$A$2)

to kinda work.

The problem i am running into is on table1 the format is [Date and Time] im trying to get just the date from that table but for some reason the time is stopping me from reading the date.

im really sorry for the poor explanation. i will attach SS of what i am trying todo.

im trying to pull the name and the date for each person



Pulling info.png                                       The Time wont let me read the date if i delete the time it will read it on the other sheet but id like to know if there is an easier way then going though the whole sheet deleting the time.

But the time wont let me read the date.But the time wont let me read the date.

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@Xenju1 I see you have time value with data in table. So, only comparing with date, will not work. You must compare with date+time to count date/time values. Try the following formula-


=COUNTIFS(Table1[Completion time],">="&Sheet1!$B$1+TIME(0,0,1),Table1[Completion time],"<="&Sheet1!$B$1+TIME(23,59,59),Table1[Name],Sheet1!$A$2)