Copying random selection

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I have spreadsheet A8 to Z103

I have randomly selected 32.

How can I copy these 32 rows with columns to new location 

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once you have selected the 32 columns you need, press CRTL + C to copy and CTRL + V to paste in desired located or sheet.


Does that answers your question?



No , nothing happened




Hello, kindly upload the file to help you further




Hi @eiregobra 


Are the rows aligned together? I imagine not, due to the random selection. If together, it should be easy to select them and use copy and paste as previously selected.

If you are able to hide the other rows that you are not trying to copy, you could then select the rows and use Go to > Special... Visible Cells only (right side of menu). You can get to this by hitting the CTRL button and G at the same time (CTRL+G).

Once you do that it will not select the hidden rows.

Now you can choose to copy (CTRL+C) these particular rows/cells onto your clipboard.

Then go to the new workbook/worksheet and paste the data.



If you want to capture the columns at the same time, ensure that you hide any rows between the first random row you want to use (for instance if you want to skip rows 2-50 then hide them). Then you will see Row 1, then Row 51. When you are ready to select only your randomly selected 32 rows you can also select your column headings with them.