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In this table I want to highlight / change the colors of the rows (from Column ("A,B,C")when from Column "A" changes its values - example from column "A" all the rows that has "Apple" in them will highlight it in a different color, then the next from "Boy" it wont have any color changes but on the "Cat" will have the same color change as the "Apple" - so that will happen when every change of values from Column "A" happens - is it possible?

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Managed to do it by adding number based on unique values from Column "A" and putting isodd function on conditional formatting but now I want to learn how to put a number sequence based on the changes of values on Column "A"


Enter 1 in A3.

In A4, enter the formula




Fill down from A4.

Oh my goodness! thank you this helps a looooooot

@Faust25 If anyone wants the end results: here is the file



Hi there.


If you have office 365, UNIQUE function can be useful instead of adding extra columns. I don't like to use extra columns to do something. i always prefer base data to do it.


It works as you said but no need to put an extra column.






I share the file with you as well.