combine text with =today function

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I want to combine the text string 'LAST OPENED ' with the =TODAY() function in a single cell. What is the proper syntax? I have tried the following in cell B1 which is formatted as General:



Thanks in advance for any help I can get.

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="LAST OPENED"&" :"&" "&TEXT(TODAY(),"dd/mm/yyyy")

Click Enter... That will return
LAST OPENED: 25/03/2020

(For example)
You can also do
=CONCATENATE("LAST OPENED",":"," ",TEXT(TODAY(),"dd/mm/yyyy")

You will have LAST OPENED: 14/03/2020

Pay close attention to the double quotations...

@Heavy_Duty I believe you also need to specify the date format like this:

="LAST OPENED "&TEXT(TODAY(),"dd-mm-yyyy")

Without the format, the formula returns this:

Screenshot 2020-03-14 at 07.16.19.png


Or just apply custom number format to the cell


@Heavy_Duty  this not working in Excel365

No need for the second &, simply include the : in the quoted text in the beginning, like this:
="LAST OPENED: "&TEXT(TODAY(),"dd/mm/yyyy")
No, the slashes work as well.


If to be correct:

="LAST OPENED "&TEXT(TODAY();"dd-mm-yyyy")