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Good Day,


I'm using Excel build 16.0.17823.42304 and I'm unable to use check boxes in my workbook.  I don't have the developer tab option nor the check box option within forms.  Can check boxes be used in this build?

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Is Developer tab checked?


When I go to file > Options, I only see Reginal Format Settings. There is not a customize ribbon option.


If so I guess you are on Excel for web. On that platform Excel has no Developer tab (and no VBA), and not customizable. That means no options at all except Regional settings.

Ok, thanks for confirming.  So I would need to get the desktop version?


If you are on any business subscription an option could be Office Scripts in Excel - Office Scripts | Microsoft Learn, available both for desktop and Excel for web versions.

If VBA - yes, that's only on desktop version.

Thanks again