Can't Format Chart Correctly

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I want to make a chart showing the total spend of each specific account ID. In column A, I have the ID, and then in the corresponding column B, I have the total spend for the account. I want to make a bar chart with the account number on the x-axis and the total spend on the y-axis. However, whenever I select the data and try to insert a chart, Excel isn't linking the two data sets together and thinks I have two different series going on.

The x-axis is just numbered 1-27 (the total amount of accounts) and there are two different colored bars for each number (total spend and account ID). How do I fix this? I've tried messing with the "Select Data" options but I'm just not getting what I want. 

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Click anywhere in the chart.

On the Chart Design tab of the ribbon, click Select Data.

Under Legend Entries (Series), select the first series and click Edit.

Select the contents of the Series values box and copy it.

Click Cancel.

Next, click Edit under Horizontal (Category) axis labels.

Clear the contents of the Axis label range box, then paste.

Click OK.

Now select the first series again and click Remove.

Finally, click OK.