Autocomplete not working for data validation

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At work we have a shared excel sheet (we open it on the web) and we use it to store data.

We had it set up with data validation list's and when we typed into the boxes, it would autocomplete one of the options. Now, you have to click the down box then start typing because autocomplete has stopped working.


Autocomplete is still checked in options, and everything is still the same setting that it was previously as far as anyone can tell. 

Please help!

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MS has escalated the ticket to the engineers. Hoping we have a fix soon.
So frustrating! hoping it gets resolved quickly

@Mollierosemac  following so I hopefully see a solution too - we're having the same issue and it's very frustrating!

Same issue here - following, glad to see it's not just me, is very frustrating.
Same problem here, following...
Same issue here, glad to see it's escalated to MS. This is costing our entire department a big chunck of extra time every day. All team members have this issue (8 ppl)
Update, there is no update. MS is still working on it apparently. Just wanted to give a latest on the situation.

Hi there, 
I find out the way to make it a little bit easier.. 
When you're on the cell with dropdown list, you can press "Alt + arrow Down" to open the dropdown list and then start to type what you need to search. And it's working. Of course, it's not so comfortable as it was before, but better than nothing. 
Have a great day
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Andrey :) 

Same issue here since Apr 11, very frustrating.

Same here as of about April 12.  Watching thread for resolution.  @Mollierosemac 

I'm also having this issue, which started for me on April 7th. At least I'm not suffering alone
Thank you so much for this temporary solution. At least I can keep working fluidly now, even if it takes a bit more time

Following as we are having the same issue - hoping for a fix soon! @Mollierosemac 

My team is having the same problem. Following for a solution.
They had me reproduce the issue while running a fiddler log trace and screen recording session. Not sure why they wouldn't just reproduce the issue on their end but what ever. Hopefully support will start getting serious about this. If you have not already, you all should put in support tickets on it. You can reference my support case if you like. Ticket #30639978

@Adam Young Thanks for the update. My colleague and I have the same issue - live document that we add data to all day every day, and this has made it tedious. 

Same problem here, following for resolution
Following - Same issue for my entire department (~20 people) in excel desktop, excel online, and excel through teams
Dealing with the same issue now for over a week. Hoping for a resolution, since the ALT+[Down arrow] added keystrokes to activate the autocomplete slows input down considerably.
Just got confirmation from my users that this is working again. No word from Microsoft on the support ticket but its working again for my users.