Excel AutoComplete not working with Data Validation Lists even after following all fix suggestions

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I would appreciate help with AutoComplete in Excel.



- Data Validation List created does not show suggestions when typing valid entries in the dropdown cell

- Clicking on the dropdown shows the list but typing while the list is dropped down does nothing

- Just typing directly into the cell types the characters but does not provide suggestions for matching entries to choose from

- Case doesn't seem to matter - inputting the exact case of the text or all in lower case makes no difference


Things tried:

- Checked that "Enable AutoComplete for cell values" and "Automatically Flash Fill" are checked (tried while removing "Automatically Flash Fill" turned off but no difference)

- Made sure "Ignore Blank" and "In-cell Dropdown" are checked

- Made sure there are no headers above the list data linked to the dropdown

- Opened new sheet and tried from zero with no luck

- Tried with both .xlsx and .xlsm files


I'm at a loss here.  Any recommendations appreciated..


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Excel desktop will get those features you are asking for in the near future. Currently, this only works in Excel on-line and on the Insider version of Excel.

@Jan Karel Pieterse - thanks so much for the response.  That definitely explains things..  Hopefully it will come soon - a long time pending...  I've had to use Form Controls vs Active X controls for now because my app has to work on MAC.  But when AutoComplete works I will migrate the dropdowns to Data Validation lists..  Thanks again..