How to structurally reference a Table cell which is not of following types ① non-Header ② same row?

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I need help with formula in column to structurally reference same cell within same Table.

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If you want to refer to a cell with a fixed position relative to the cell with the formula, you can use OFFSET.

Let's say the formula is in a column named MyCol.

  • You want to refer to the cell to the left: =OFFSET([@MyCol], 0, -1)
  • You want to refer to the cell above: =OFFSET([@MyCol], -1, 0)
  • You want to refer to the cell one row up and one column to the right: =OFFSET([@MyCol], -1, 1)

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thanks, this works.  I have been using Apple Numbers recently..

Yes I am finding Apple Numbers complementary to Excel.