Adding Data from another Worksheet depending on a Dropdown List selection

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Hi Community,

I'm creating a worksheet for project managers to use.

I want the worksheet to be dynamic, so when a certain selection is made from a dropdown list, data will appear below the drop down from another worksheet i've created. If multiple selections are made from other drop downs, the relevant data will appear. Please see screenshots below to get a better idea.



When you make the selection such as the example above, I would like the following to pull through from the other tabs:


I would like the data from the Cloud tab to appear on the Main tab in the space highlighted by the area. If you make a selection from the second dropdown that appears below the cloud data and so on and so forth.


Can this be achieved?




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Attached is an example file with dependencies on other dropdowns, maybe it will help you in your projects. Would only have to fit into your project according to your wishes :).



Hi Nikolino,

Thank you for responding. Appreciate your time to have a look at my query.
I've reviewed your example, I don't think it achieves what I looking to do. I'm happy to arrange a Teams call with you so I can explain what I mean.

When I make the selections from the drop down menus in the first screen shot, the relevant data from the other tabs in the workbook should pull through and display itself in the main tab. Then the user can edit the data the main tab.

My plan is to hide all of the other tabs. and just have the main tab visable. If I have to use VBA code that's fine.