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I have a preferred formula that I use in Excel, so I have it on a post-it and have to copy it in Excel everytime that I open a new excel file. 
How do I get this formula: _(* #,##0.00_);[Red]_(* (#,##0.00);_(* "-"??_);_(@_)
to always be available in this list of pre-defined options: 
Here I will now get my formula and paste it here, but I need to do it every time that I work on a new excel file. Can I not make this my default use.


Please help.

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If you want to include your format in every new excel file is not possible without using addin or VBA.
Why don't you open your file that the format is already in instead of opening the new file in excel and save as the file name you want.

Formatting is actually not hard to remember.
You can just write as below.
0.00;-_(* 0.00;0
The first one before semicolon is formatting for positive value that is "0.00".
The middle one is for negative value that is "-_(* 0.00".
If you want to change the cell color to red, you just add [red] infront of the format that is "[red]-_(* 0.00".
And the last one is for zero that is "0".

Thanks a million for the explanation. Maybe if I understood the actual formula better it would have been easier. This will make it easier for me.


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Perhaps it could go with this workaround... predefine and use as a standard template. just a thought

Save cell styles to use in all new workbooks

If you want to make the cell styles that you create in or copy into a workbook available in all future workbooks, you can save them in a template that is used for all new workbooks.

After you exit and restart Excel, the cell styles that you saved in your template workbook will be available in all new workbooks that you create.


Hope I was able to help with this info.



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Hi, This works like a bomb.... thank you soo much for this idea. Had to do it a couple of time, because I did not follow the steps right to the end, but eventually I woke up and realise that there are more steps. It is magic! Thank you so much.!