2030 and beyond in Excel

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I am starting to plan for the 2030's and noticed if you put in a date that ends in 30 for the year, it is putting 1930 instead of 2030 unless you type it all out, so 12/31/30 becomes 12/31/1930 instead of 2030.  

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The 1930/2030 suggested change has been submitted here:

A good way to show the Excel team this is important to you is to upvote an existing suggestion and add a comment.
It seems like the default interpretation for dates ending in "30" is the year 1930 instead of 2030. To avoid this, make sure to explicitly type out the full year (e.g., "2030") to ensure the correct date format. read more here: https://lunchtimeresult.co.za/russia-gosloto-6-45-results/