2 Way Connection between Spreadsheets

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Is it possible to set up a 2 way connection between different workbooks?


So for example I have 200 individual spreadsheets, which I need to manipulate the data in. I want to copy all the data from each spreadsheet (all are in same layout) into a master spreadsheet, then make changes within the master spreadsheet which will then update the individual spreadsheet. Reason for this is I need the individual spreadsheets to be up to date so I can import back into a system

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That is far too complicated. Either update the master spreadsheet from the individual ones, or the other way round, not both ways.

Hi Hans, I see where you are coming from however moving the data into the master, will allow me to filter all data then input the new data I need but I need the individual's one's to be kept up to date aswell so I can import back into system. (Each spreadsheet is room data for a buidling)