Excel Query connecting to a SharePoint file error

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I have multiple Excel spreadsheets connected to a Main spreadsheet via Query. All of the files are saved in SharePoint but we use the native app to edit them given they have Macros and VBA functions.


My problem is , after 2 months of normal use, I suddenly cannot refresh the Main spreadsheet to pull all the data from the individual spreadsheets connected to it. It is now showing "[DataSource.Error] SharePoint: Request failed: url..."




I already tried recreating a query the way I set them up initially and still having the same issue. Any help is greatly appreciated. 





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My knowledge of PQ is limited, but maybe this link will help you to solve your problem.

Connect to a SharePoint folder from Power Query



Thank you for your understanding and patience



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I'd start with the source. Are you able to open the workbook directly through SharePoint?

Thanks @NikolinoDE , will check this out

Yes, all of the connected files are working on their own That's why I'm confused why the query can't pull up the data within them which was working previously.