To open this page in Internet Explorer mode, reinstall Microsoft Edge with administrator privileges.

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We are currently deploying MS Edge Chromium with SCCM and GPO.

We are using IE Mode for somes apps but we have somes problems with it.

On somes computers, IE Mode open a new Internet Explorer windows with the message "To open this page in Internet Explorer mode, reinstall Microsoft Edge with administrator privileges."

It mess with the SSO on somes app if not openned with IE mode inside Edge.

Reinstalling with the MSI with admin rights doesn't solve the problem.

If someone have a workaround, thanks :)




Nous déployons actuellement MS Edge Chromium avec SCCM et des GPO.

Nous utilisons le mode IE pour certaines applications web mais nous rencontrons des problèmes.

Sur certains PC, un site devant s'ouvrir en mode IE ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre avec le message "Pour ouvrir cette page en mode InternetExplorer, réinstallez MicrosoftEdge avec des privilèges d’administrateur."

Cela fait dysfonctionner le SSO sur certains sites si le mode IE ne s'ouvre pas dans la fenêtre de Edge.

Réinstaller avec le MSI en tant qu'administrateur ne résout pas le problème.

Si quelqu'un à une solution, merci :)


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@PNE77 Hello!  There can be a variety of reasons users see this error message. 


There have been some past discussions here in the Tech Community.  For example: 

If those do not help, I would suggest filing a customer support request:  Support will be able to work with you to get necessary logs and information to investigate your specific issue.  Thanks!




@Kelly_Y Hello, thanks for your answer and your help.


So far :

I've try to reinstall (as admin) with deleting all Edge and Internet Explorer folders in %APPDATA% ans %LOCALAPPDATA% and registry. And after reinstalling, I've reset edge in the menu.


Problem occurs on Windows 10 and Windows 7 with differents level off updates.


On impacted computers, the "Redirect sites from Microsoft Edge to IE mode" part of the GPO doesn't work either as Internet Explorer keep openning on all sites.


Problem seems to be system wide as it occurs with multiples Windows profiles (AD, local, even new users on the computer).


Application event log show this warning : [40720:39572:0217/] Creation of Internet Explorer mode tab failed: 3


Not so much information on internet to solve this :(

I will try to open a Microsoft case.


@PNE77 Hi!  Just to follow up, I wanted to pass along some additional information that might help :smile: